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    Saturday, February 28


    I LOVE On9 Shopping!!!

    Saya Suka Shopping Online!!

    Ich liebe Online-Shopping

    Je T'aime On9 Shopping!!!

    Je Suis Xiaohui

    2nd of MAY!

    2ND OF MAY!!

    2ND OF MAY!!!

    YES 2nd of MAY!!!


    Is coming for concert!
    LIVE in Malaysia!

    Bukit Jalil 8pm


    Je Suis Xiaohui

    Friday, February 27

    I'm TIRED!!!

    Tired of traveling to college by LRT.Everyday!
    Tired of traveling alone.
    Tired of being the youngest.
    Tired of people who do not appreciate my effort.
    Tired of being asked on the same question for many times.
    Tired of YOU,but I don't mean you ya.:)
    Tired of people that are not satisfied with their own world.
    Tired of waiting.
    Tired of myself for not being able to make fast decisions.
    Tired of losing my contact number,again!
    Tired of my little eyebrow.
    Tired of YOUR fake-ness.Yes I do know that you are acting and fake-ing!
    Tired of my cracked feet.
    Tired for always spoiling things.(I mean accidentally *hehe*)
    Tired of not being able to swim well.
    Tired of laming when people don't laugh.
    Tired of organizing.
    Tired of taking public transport.
    Tired of getting scolded.
    Tired of changing plan last minute.
    Tired of exam.
    Tired of being short-sighed.
    Tired of my clumsiness.
    I'm just tired!!!
    Really TIRED!
    I Need a REST!A good rest,perhaps.
    What kinda rest then?I really do know.
    So again, I'm being lame for no reason.
    Ya I'm just laming....

    Je Suis Xiaohui

    Saturday, October 25

    'FISH' until the MAX!!

    The two main character of this story are actually me and one of my friend.Well I should name that friend as...hmm...S??OK S will do...Here I start...

    I think it was on last week that S sent me a message to ask whether I can join for a Karaoke section at the Neway, Puchong on today,25Th of October 08 . I don't really feel like joining so told S that I will be having extra class until 2pm, which is so not true...hehe... My class ends at 10am on every Saturday...So I lied to S. You might think that I am arrogant or whatever other adjective that you could think of to judge me, but you have to see this point of mine...Who will really wanna go for Karaoke with a bunch of people that you don't know??I mean not included S and other friend of mine. Maybe you do, but for me, I don't! I only go Karaoke with my friends ok? With one or two stranger will be fine but not with a bunch of stranger ok?? Because I won't feel good to sing and play as crazy as I could in front of a bunch of strangers ok? If like that, then what is the point of joining?? And you will never know what kinda people they are...So i LIED!! Really sorry~

    Few days later Ping (one of my 'ji mui') asked me out on today to Mid Valley with her and lai kuen (my lao gong)haha... One is one of my besties and the other one is my lao gong so of cause I will go la!!!haha...So today after class, I when to meet them at Mid Valley. After getting the ticket of Eagle Eye with ping, we waited for lai kuen outside of the cinema.

    Zhit..Zhit...Zhit...Zhit... I felt the vibration of my phone and thought it must be lao gong, so I faster took out my phone and wanted to pick it up. Just 1 second before I pick it up, I saw - 'S is calling'...Shit!!I showed Ping my phone and told Ping on the story. I was thinking, should I pick it up? At last, I didn't. That is what I message after S ended the call..."Sorry, I am having my class now, so can't pick up our phone, anything?" Fui...Luckily saw that was a call from S if not I sure don't know how to react and lie dibochorkan!haha....
    After Lao gong reached, we when Sushi King for lunch and S replied my message...

    S said : " But ah...I saw you in Mid valley wo..." I was like "OMG!!!OMG!!!S saw me in Mid Valley!!Fish aR!!But..But...Why is S here la?!?!!I thought S suppose to be at Neway??!!!



    Me and Ping peeped to the back to check whether S is at the table behind us...Excuse me!Behind you girls is a pair of couple pak tou-ing la ok??!!haha...LAME!!

    So I had no choice but to admit that I am in Mid Valley...So I replied her with an excuse that my friend is going to leave for UK on next week(which is so not true) and today is the only day that we could meet up, so...And I don't wan you to feel that 'that friend' is more important than you so I lied...haha...Another big LIE of mine!!!But actually I did not lie OK??!!Because Ping is really going back to Ulu Klang since she stays there...haha....I Didn't LIE!!!hahahaha...

    The S replied :" I DON'T care if you go out with your friends or me! I just wanna say HI to you but you end up lying...Anyway, enjoy yourself."

    I actually felt bad after I read that message...Hmm...Why did I choose to lie to S and not telling the truth??Hmm...Don't care la!Because I have my own point of not joining what...How do I know that those friends of yours that you asked are some good people??They can be some bad people right??!This World is full of dangerous strangers or even dangerous friends!!OK??Yes I know I am not that pretty or attractive to be in danger, but I do think that I am much better than a monkey, rite?Even a money can get 'raped' and so it comes The Aids, and so why can't I?So I am just trying to protect myself from becoming the 'second monkey' yea...haha...

    Then Me, Ping and lao gong had a long photo session together!! :)
    Love ya always!!Muackxx!!!

    Lao gong and me...another wedding pic of us??haha...

    See!!!Lao gong and I even share the same purse OK??!!haha...Lao gong said this photo is a failure so she covered her own face with LOV

    YES Ping!!You have the smallest eyes in the world...SWT!

    Model wannabe...But ended up with Xiaohui seok-ing sendiri je...

    Then we went for Eagle Eye...Basically it is a really nice movie...Just that was quite confusing at the beginning....After all, it is nice!!haha... After the movie, I again met another friend of mine!!Sin May!!One of my ex-tuition mate...We were tuition mate for 8 years!!haha...Long time didn't see her already...So is really great to meet her back!!So fateful!!One more thing that is more fateful!!We were sitting in the same row although we bought the ticket separately!!haha...

    We shopped around after the movie, then I went to take bus home...Oh guess what!!!As I stepped my foot up to the bus...I heard someone calling XiaoHui...As I look up...Is S...=.=

    FISH AR!!!!!!!

    Je Suis Xiaohui

    Thursday, October 23

    Happy Birthday Daddy!!

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Selamat Hari Jadi,
    Zhu Ni Sheng Re Kuai Le,
    Seng Ngi Chu Ka Ham Ni DA!!

    *Our very own way of singing birthday song!*

    Oh daddy!!You are one year older already yea!haha...May all your dreams come true!Anyway,today we actually planned to celebrate daddy's birthday at Jogoya, Starhill after my lecture class but at last we changed plan because daddy had to meet his customer at Mid Valley :( We really wanted to go Jogoya because Jogoya is giving out 50% discount for those HSBC credit card holder le!!!Is 50% OK??!!!OMG!!Only need to pay RM50++ for Jogoya OK?!?!!SO so SO worth it!!!Hmm...too bad lo...So we ended up celebrating at Flying Chillies at The Garden.The food there is really delicious!!I personally love the Red Ruby with Water Chestnut the best!!haha...By the way, it is a Thai food restaurant...And I like their slogan ' hospitality with LOVE'...

    The most basic's Thai Food, The Seafood Tom Yam!!! 7/10

    The Fish Cake..I like the Thai Chili Sauce!!!hehe...And the Fish Cake has a really strong smell and taste of the lemon grass...I should say: a really thai-ish dish...8/10

    This is the green curry with chicken...The 'green' does scare me at the beginning...Just imagine it would taste like...hmm...Can't imagine right...Well, it actually has a really strong taste of coconut milk!!!Is coconut milk!!So I also LIKE it la...9/10

    My favorite of the day : Red Ruby with Water Chestnut so definitely 10/10 :)

    All of us really enjoyed ourselves and had a great meal over there and I hope that daddy will like the casual belt that we bought for him from fossil. Once more, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

    Je Suis Xiaohui

    Tuesday, October 21

    My Very First Kitchen Practical

    I have been waiting for today for such a long time because I really LOVE cooking!! I also felt glad that I have gotten Mr Brian as my practical tutor!!!hehe...Heard from seniors,he is a really experienced Chef. And according to the girls' gossip, he is HOT!!So SOME of the H8 girls were really excited before his class..Non of them were willing to be late for his class...Arhmm...I don't mean you ya PEGGIE!!haha...So I should say all of us were excited!!haha...But seriously Peggie was much more excited then us lo...haha....

    All of us were in front of the main kitchen at 2pm SHARP with our newly made uniform!Oh uniform...uniform...I seriously don't know what is wrong with it,but my uniform,no I should say most of ours' because our uniform is either like 1-2 size bigger or smaller...So not fitting lo...Hmm...I thought we had a body measurement section for the uniform??!Hmm...Maybe because they had too many uniforms to complete in that short interval of time...So...So shell not blame them anymore!!

    Mr Brian then brought us to the training kitchen,the place where we are going to learn cooking for this semester!!After placing all our bags,Mr Brian taught us the correct way to wear our uniform and we had a 4 hours' safety precaution lesson before we get started with our cutting section...Basically, there are many many different ways of cutting but for today,we only managed to learn 5 of it.

    The 5 different ways of cutting. *Thanks Joy for the edit*

    Us with the Mr HOT of Ms Peggie!!

    Oh ya I seriously don't think that Mr Brian is as hot lo,maybe can say is cute la...haha...But I can 100% say that he is a really really really nice and responsible tutor lo!!haha...And I suppose that all of us had lots of fun during his class!I am really looking forward for the next practical!!

    Je Suis Xiaohui

    Monday, October 20


    After so long,the lazy Lui Xiao Hui has finally gotten herself a personal blog!!haha...So you should really give her,oh no,I mean me around of applause OK??Stop looking around,I mean You!!Yes YOU!! the one who is now reading my blog should clap for me!!WEI just clap la for me so that I will have some motivation to post up more often in the future.hmm...I know you are not going to so I shall self motive!! *CLAPS* Keep it up yea xiaohui!!*Proud*haha...Well I think I should stop laming mea?hmm...What about sharing a little secret of mine with you??Errm...Make sure you keep it as a secrt okay?Dun not tell anyone yea...Ok,well you know...I'm actually still waiting for you to clap for me la!!!LAME me!!haha...I think that's why my friends name me as the Lame Queen.haha...Well that is me but I'm trying to change.Anyway,since I have opened up a personal blog I will try to update as often as possible and will try to make it as interesting as possible ya!:)

    Je Suis Xiaohui